Farm News

January 25, 2015

I write this after another night so warm I slept with the window open all night. I’ve packed my winter comforter away in storage, and I’m wearing my summer capris around the farm. I am trying my best to enjoy these comfortable temps., but my heart is heavy. We are so deep in drought now–it occurs to me it’s like being deep in debt. It takes years to recover. Every day I walk past the three fields we are waiting to develop: the orchard and two crop fields. One will eventually be annuals and flowers, the other berries, asparagus, and winter crops such as potatoes and onions. Our well was taxed last year by the few vegetables we grew. It’s going to be worse this year. I can’t plant anything. Last spring a farmer who sells bare root fruit trees assured me the drought was over because it rained three times in the spring. “Plant your fruit trees!” he said. I’m glad I didn’t listen to him.

Since we are both in our 50s now, we feel like a clock is ticking. Will we recover from the drought in time to develop our farm, or will be too old, looking toward retirement? We just don’t know. Everything is on hold.

I continue to teach, mostly online throughout the year, and online only in the summer. Since I can’t grow anything and I won’t be tied to place, I’ll plan some traveling, definitely to cooler locales. I’ll refocus, as I have so many times before. I’ll try to write more. And I’ll keep praying for rain. Please pray too.