Friends of Bloody Run Creek

Bloody Run Creek is the nearest creek to Lightcap Farm. To see my blogs on the creek, see “Friends of Bloody Run Creek” under Topics on the right hand side of your screen.

Bloody Run Creek’s headwaters are in the Middle Fork Yuba Drainage. The creek winds down from near Snow Tent Road toward Bear Trap Springs, and from there makes its way to the Middle Fork near the Thompson’s property.  The creek is undeveloped, home to some mining claims, and used by locals as a water source.  Much of the creek is along such rugged terrain that it isn’t accessible to humans, even on foot.

Local legend has it that the creek was named after massacred Chinese workers, but historian Hank Meals says he can find no proof of that. He also says that similar legends about similar creeks flourish in the Sierra.

In the spirit of Abbey’s anarchism, the Friends of Bloody Run Creek is an unofficial, ad hoc organization of neighbors and friends who look after the creek in our own way. There are no meetings or dues. Please chime in here if you are a Friend of Bloody Run.

Below, Bloody Run near Snow Tent, spring 2012.