Ideas fly past us daily on social media, freeway billboards, and through the mouths of our fellow citizens. Some ideas encourage divergent thought, civilized discourse, and a deeper understanding of self. These are the ideas that interest us here at the farm. Like words, essays, poems, and books, we believe that these ideas need a leg up in the midst of the pedestrian, self-serving, counterproductive verbal flotsam and jetsam we must navigate. Toward this end, we’ve enlisted the help of wordsmith Jeff Hattem, who carves out these ditties in his lair most evenings. Our other contributors will bounce an idea your way from time to time, and of course we’ll pull from Ed Abbey’s idea arsenal. Read one of these ideas, then read it again. Suck on it like a hard candy. Let it ruminate and saturate. Sleep on it. Odds are it will help you out the very next day.


More personal but no less potent: first person ideas.