Editor’s Note: With this, Steven M. Ford begins a series of short, thematically connected pieces. Stay tuned for more.


The guarantees in my life are uncertainty, adventure, and crystalline pure discovery. It never stops. The days and nights don’t carry much weight, it only matters where I am now, what’s in front of me, and what I get to work with. I seldom lack for much, because I never expect anything to be whole, really. And that incomplete and open endlessness in creation is just the nature of this world. Nothing is easy because it’s always becoming something else. Expect resistance. Happiness is never a for-sure thing. Ask yourself if anything in this world points to happiness, and you will probably see that happiness starts between the ears. You take it with you into the mountains or into the back of a screaming ambulance. Happiness and optimism are almost the same things to me. When those two are both present, the fun begins.