For the last eight years, whenever some pundit or politico has referred to Barack Obama as a socialist, I have heard another word entirely. Obama is no more a socialist than is my front door, so when people say that, I hear something much uglier. It starts with an “n” and ends with an “r” and is often preceded by the word “uppity.” Quite a number of people in this country have been profoundly disturbed by the presence of a Black man in the White House. The fact that he is an intellectual probably doesn’t help either.

Now, with Hillary Clinton running for office, we’re getting another version of the same hatred, but instead of racism it’s misogyny. Instead of calling Hillary a socialist, the right is calling her a criminal, a liar, and a crook. Is she a criminal? No, especially in the absence of proof, evidence and charges. Has she made mistakes? Certainly. Has she told lies? Undoubtedly. To paraphrase Trae Crowder, welcome to planet Earth. We’re glad you’re here! Criminal is just the code word for another one that also begins with a “c.”

“Miso gynaikes.” Literally, “I hate women” in Greek. I think that’s one of the campaign slogans being bandied about this year. With the rise of Orange Hitler and his followers, racism, misogyny, and homophobia have become popular again, and I’m seeing it all around me. Certainly it’s in politics, law enforcement, and even sports. (When Michael Phelps wins a gold medal, does a camera pan to his coach while the announcer says, “And there’s the man responsible?” Come on!) Now though, there are a number of us no longer willing to put up with this crap. So, all you racists, xenophobes, homophobes and misogynists, get over it. Your time here is done. —Stephanie Hayes


My misogyny:

We had grown close and she revealed to me that she had sex with a teacher in high school on numerous occasions. There was no notion then of abuse, of manipulation or grooming of victims. The only thing I heard was willing participation. I was confused, conflicted, and I dropped her suddenly, silently, completely, and I took my place in line as one of her abusers.

I am ashamed.

-Robert Lee Haycock




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September 14, 2016

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  1. Stephanie Hayes

    That was powerful Robert, but I don’t think it makes you an abuser. This stuff is complicated. I applaud your courage in sharing this though.


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