Mom and Dad and Becky and Barry and I were headed to Palmdale for Thanksgiving with Papa and Gammy and Barbara and Floyd and Donna and Karen and Jerry and John and on our way there we stopped at the Rocks Flea Market south of Hollister like we always did on our monthly visits to Ginny and Earl and Ken and Jennifer and Steve and Barbie in Salinas and I saw parlor organs for sale and one of them was only $150 and I had that much saved up from my paper route and I must have been 12 because you had to be 12 to work for the San Jose Mercury and News and the bellows worked and the pedals and the reeds and I begged Mom and Dad to let me buy it and there was room for it next to the piano and they said if it was there when we came back from Palmdale I could buy it and I was sure someone else would buy it and Thanksgiving lasted for months and it was still there the Saturday after and on Sunday my saintly Dad drove me all the way back to buy it and he and I loaded it into his Ranchero and took it home and he told me that Grandma Haycock had one and she chopped it up for firewood when she got her piano and a dozen years ago I gave it to someone else to love it.