We Write About Words

Each month here at the Word Farm, two or more of our writers share with you what a particular word means to them. Click on the word’s info graph to see what we have to say. If you’d like to suggest to us a word to write about, we’re at wordfarm@lightcapfarm.com.

Ye Olde Words

Many words aren’t making the cut into online dictionaries. We showcase such words here. If you come across one, please write us and let us know so we can apply Ye Olde Oxygen Mask to the word.   wordfarm@lightcapfarm.com

Word Farm

Word Farm is an ongoing project here at Lightcap Farm. Our society’s vocabulary is quickly dwindling, much like the number of species of any given crop—apples for instance. Here we showcase words that seem worth saving. We also share when the word is from the Greek. These words can be old or new. They hold relevance in our society today and have unique connotations. Look for these regular Word Farm spotlights on Facebook and Twitter. When you see them there, please share them, which is like watering the words in the word farm! If you’d like to suggest a word to us, please do! Email us at wordfarm@lightcapfarm.com.