Recently whilst wasting one more precious moment of my lifetime, I read an article on the destruction of the Maya Codices by a Franciscan Priest in the year 1562. This inquisition involved the burning of sacred texts, and it allowed control over the sacred and practical knowledge of life. Its aim was to destroy survival itself. To describe the implications of this would consume more time than an essay will allow. A response to the anniversary of this cultural genocide by an elder relative was that we should write. My writing is not intended as a sacred document of a civilization or even a description of a small pocket of humanity. It is intended to keep me present in the darkest times and offer a capsule of hope. It reminds me that there is so much light, pain, and apathy in my thoughts. I do hope for progress on the last noun.

I will continue to write. There are stories of childhood birthday parties and the endangered piñata. Tragedies of fire and the pageantry of displaying a rock collection and insects. (The legs and antennae were dead before I pinned them.) I remember when I was learning to cook traditional foods for my family. I came to my grandfather and asked if there were any family recipes for tortillas, sauces, rellenos. “No, mija,” he said with conviction. “Practice and you will learn.” You can bet I am writing down the recipes, based on my memory of what the food tasted like. I recognize the word practice as well. Practice thinking and recording your thoughts. Writing must continue by all those who feel called. We are all worthy of voice. Our voices recorded in print can be recognized by a few or by many, but our stories matter to the world. How else will we survive?

So please waste a precious moment of your life by typing your status on social media. Read a dull article or become involved in an enticing one. But please know that each moment counts and is of importance in time and space. Type, tap, and speak.